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Pensioners and TaxHelp for Older People

Many pensioners do not realise that they could be eligible for a free “tax health” check-up from TaxHelp for Older People (TOP). Around this time of year notices of coding will start to go out from HMRC for the 2010-11 tax year. Some pensioners who have a number of pension sources struggle to understand how different coding notices relate to each other. It may be time to give TOP a ring (and if you speak to Paddy Millard congratulate him on his MBE).

Many pensioners on low incomes do not realise that help is at hand when they are baffled by things they receive from the tax man. Some may be too shy to ask, thinking that it is a confession of weakness and they should be able to do it themselves. Rest assured it is not a weakness; that is why so many people pay tax advisers to deal with the tax man for them.

Many pensioners cannot afford to pay; so this is when charities like TOP come to the rescue.


LITRG established the TOP service some 10 years ago with the help of a small number of volunteers. There are now 700 volunteers nationally who see pensioners at numerous venues the length and breadth of the UK and provide a home visit service to those in need of it. It is now run by an independent charity (Tax Volunteers).

Throughout this remarkable expansion there has been one constant and that is Paddy Millard – the original and current Chief Executive. We were delighted to see that in the New Year’s Honours list Paddy’s heroic service has been acknowledged by the award of an MBE.

Although modesty would prevent him from saying so himself, Paddy’s relentless efforts have been the key driving force of TOP’s success in helping up to 20,000 pensioners each year.  These efforts have been supported by a dedicated team of staff manning TOP’s operations centre in Bridport, Dorset, together with Regional Co-ordinators around the country.

Read more about TOP on its website, which provides details of how to contact the charity if you are a pensioner in need of help with a tax query or problem. 

We also provide guidance for pensioners on our website, if you wish to read more about tax, tax credits and associated welfare benefits for yourself before calling in the cavalry. 

Contact: John Andrews (0844 579 6700 Fax 0844 579 6701)


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