The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group – What we have achieved

Published on 30 June 2016

The LITRG exists to make the tax system work better for taxpayers who are vulnerable or on low incomes by helping to improve legislation and administrative processes so that unrepresented taxpayers are treated properly and fairly. Here we highlight some of the recent success stories from our campaign work.

LITRG – What we have achieved ©shutterstock/YanLev

At the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s recent Parliamentary Reception, the LITRG published a document highlighting our recent achievements. We have had a very successful few years and have helped guide change in the following areas:

  • Improvements to the collection of taxation
  • Better, targeted information for some groups of low-income taxpayers
  • Tax help for older people on low incomes
  • Improving housing availability
  • Assistance for carers and those they care for
  • Easing worries at time of bereavement
  • Improving the tax credits systems for the low paid
  • Protecting the vulnerable and less able

You can find out further details in our document 'PDF icon Low Incomes Tax Reform Group – What we have achieved’. 


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