Published on 28 September 2016

The Chartered Institute of Taxation and the LITRG have jointly responded to the local Government and Communities Committee call for evidence on the Council Tax (Substi

Published on 16 September 2016

Several district Councils in Devon recently consulted on changes to their Council Tax Reduction Schemes.

Unpaid carers – LITRG response
Published on 29 July 2016

LITRG welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Department of Health's consultation on unpaid carers. The consultation document explains that the government

Help to Save ©istock/robynmac
Published on 12 July 2016

This Government consultation sought to expand upon its idea to introduce, by April 2018, a ‘Help to Save’ scheme for eligible claimants of working tax cred

Published on 8 July 2016

The LITRG’s response (endorsed by Tax Help for Older People) to the consultation on partial surrenders of life policies highlights the need for both simplicity a

Simplifying tax for the future: planning the OTS’s strategy ©shutterstock/Paul Daniels
Published on 1 July 2016

Commenting on the Office of Tax Simplification’s (OTS) plans for its future strategy, LITRG sees that Office’s role as facilitating better public understan

The future of Jobcentre Plus: digitalisation and work coaches ©Shutterstock/Leifstiller
Published on 1 July 2016

In written evidence to the House of Commons Work and Pensions Select Committee, LITRG draws on its experience of representing the interests of the digitally excluded p

Tips, gratuities, cover and service charges – LITRG response ©Shutterstock/rangizzz
Published on 27 June 2016

LITRG have responded to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) proposals for further action on tips, gratuities, cover and service cha

Childcare free entitlement: delivery model ©Shutterstock: FamVeld
Published on 20 June 2016

Finding reliable, high quality, affordable childcare is a major concern for working families and while LITRG supports extending free childcare to 30 hours, and also th

Published on 15 June 2016

Welcoming the Government’s proposals for the tax framework for the secondary annuities market which is intended to come into force next April, LITRG noted that t