Updated on 12 February 2019

This section of the website is for advisers. By advisers we mean anyone who assists people on low incomes with tax and related matters whether in a voluntary or paid capacity.

Our specialist guidance

The tax guides section of this website contains a large amount of information and guidance about tax, including National Insurance related issues. It is primarily aimed at members of the public, but non-tax advisers as well as tax professionals will also find it useful.

In addition to the information on this site, LITRG run three specialist sites:

1. Tax Guide for Students

Tax Guide for Students is a dedicated website providing support and guidance to students on tax, National Insurance and related matters.

The website has a section for student money advisers which includes:

2. Disability Tax Guide

Disability Tax Guide provides information, help and resources for anyone taking on a personal assistant to help them live independently. The website focuses on tax help including tax employment status, paying wages and other tax issues. We have also developed a payslip tool that you can use with HMRC Basic PAYE Tools to create a payslip.

3. RevenueBenefits

Revenuebenefits is a resource aimed at advisers. It provides detailed information, legislation and resources on tax credits, child benefit, national minimum wage and the transition to universal credit. It also contains information on child trust funds and tax-free childcare.

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Getting help for your clients

LITRG do not normally provide advice direct to the general public due to limited resources. We are interested in hearing from advisers with specific issues that may highlight wider issues and problems in the tax and tax credits system. You can send issues to us through our contact us page.

There are other sources of help available for your clients, both paid and unpaid. We explain these sources of help in our getting help section.

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HMRC guidance and legislation

For advisers who require more detailed information, the HMRC website contains links to various manuals. These manuals can be invaluable to advisers when dealing with tax and tax credit issues. The manuals can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Advisers may also need to access legislation. Most legislation is only available online in its original format, without updates – this can be found on the legislation website. The GOV.UK website contains links to tax treaties, extra-statutory concessions and statements of practice.

HMRC also publish a large volume of research and statistics. These can found by using the following links:

Advisers who are looking for tax credits, child benefit, tax-free childcare or universal credit legislation can find it on the LITRG Revenuebenefits website. The website includes original legislation as well as some consolidated legislation.

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Volunteering for LITRG

If you are an adviser who is interested in volunteering for LITRG, we recommend that you read our Becoming a volunteer page.

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