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Getting Help

Updated on 28 December 2020

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide an advice service about tax or tax credit issues.

Image of the words tax help with office stationery
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There is, however, a range of information and guidance to help you in our tax guides section. If you need advice, we suggest that you contact a tax adviser, a welfare rights adviser or one of the tax charities listed later in this guide.

You can get in touch to tell us about your experiences of the tax system through our Contact Us page. We aim to respond as soon as we can. Our limited resources however, mean that we cannot always promise how quickly we will do this or whether we will be able to give a full response.

⚠️ Please note: We are a charity and not part of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), the government department who deal with tax and tax credits. Although we do engage closely with HMRC and other Government departments, we are unable to access tax or tax credit records, make changes to information or pass on reported changes to HMRC.

The other pages in this section provide information on the following topics: