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File your Tax Return for free

Published on 30 April 2004

You can file your tax return on-line for free by using the Inland Revenue's on-line gateway. But if you are on a low income there are other options, some of which can be easier to use than that provided by the Revenue.

Filing tax returns on-line is being taken up by more and more taxpayers. As we now start the 2004 tax return season what choices do you have if you are on a low income and do not want to pay for the privilege?

If you follow the link at the end of this article we will give you the locations of the tax return sites offering free software. We have only included those sites where the software is clearly stated as being free (or free to those on low incomes).

Of course, the most obvious site to use is that provided by the Inland Revenue but that can have its own problems if you have something to declare that is not covered by the forms that they supply.

It does seem rather strange that commercial software companies provide a more extensive range of Revenue forms than the Revenue themselves. For example, the commercial companies usually cover capital gains, which the Revenue do not.

However, for the vast majority of people on low incomes the Revenue site is adequate provided that you do not mind staying on-line whilst you complete your return. In 2004, the Revenue have improved their help services; on-line registration is easier and you are taken through the return completion process in a more helpful way than in the past.

It is still early in the tax filing season and not all commercial suppliers have had their products approved by the Revenue. From what we have seen so far, Digita and Intuit provide the two easiest products for those on low incomes to use.

We will give further guidance on this subject later in the year.


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