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LITRG initiative gets a boost from BBC's Moneybox

Published on 4 May 2004

TaxHelp for Older People (TOP), the free tax advice service for older people on low incomes, was visited by the Moneybox team at one of TOP's regular sessions at Age Concern Wolverhampton. The TOP idea was developed by LITRG three years ago and put into practice in the South West of England and in Wolverhampton. It has expanded from that base until now when there are nearly 40 different locations. In April 2004, a new Charity, Tax Volunteers was established to try to take the concept nationwide.

The original funding for the initiative was generously provided by the Nuffield Foundation and the expansion is being supported by the Chartered Institute of Taxation, the Association of Taxation Technicians, the Inland Revenue and Awards for All.


To see the BBC coverage just follow the link below.

Relevant Link: Money box link

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