LITRG welcomes new Taxback campaign by Revenue

Published on 22 November 2004

The Revenue have announced today the start of another Taxback campaign to try and reach, by a series of publicity initiatives, the millions of low-income families who never reclaim the tax that they have overpaid. The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group welcomes this move.

Often the Revenue have been content to go to extreme lengths to pursue people with small debts, but have not devoted the same resources to track down those to whom the Revenue need to offer refunds.

John Andrews, Chairman of LITRG, calls for more positive moves by the Revenue:

The pensioner repayment project, started earlier this year, is a shining example of what the Revenue can do when they use their information sources in a pro-active way for their customers' benefit.


This new Taxback initiative should just be the start of a sustained effort by the Revenue, not only to repay taxpayer monies that they hold in their coffers, but to revamp their procedures so as to get right first time the tax taken from low income people.

LITRG hopes that sufficient resources will be applied to this new campaign to make a real difference and we look forward to seeing the published results.

LITRG has co-operated with the Revenue over the pensioner repayment project. The group has also proposed ways to prevent tax being over-deducted at source from pensioners on annuities, from students with term-time jobs, and from 10% taxpayers who have tax taken from their savings income at 20%.


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