Tax for foster carers and adult placement carers

Published on 22 November 2004

Foster carers and adult placement carers can have a look at our website for information on how foster carers’ tax relief works and the favourable rules on the tax treatment of adult placement carers.

The commentary also covers the NIC and tax credits position of both foster carers and adult placement carers.

We have written this commentary with the aim of helping foster and AP carers understand how the new rules apply to them, and showing them how to work through the tax calculations.

We hope it will provide a useful independent source of information in addition to the help sheet and fact sheet available from the Inland Revenue.


Contact Name: Contact Name: Sue Jones (tel:0844 579 6700, fax 0844 579 6701)

Relevant Link: Tax relief for adult placement carers and foster carers - LITRG commentary