Message for Mission Control

Published on 3 February 2005

The nascent HMRC, the merger between the Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise, is in the midst of a major consultation exercise on its future Mission. This can be seen as either a genuine attempt to shape the future direction of the new entity or a marketing consultants attempt to explain what this diverse government department will be doing.

It may be that those on low incomes do not care how the new Revenue addresses its customers, but only want them to do their job fairly, accurately, promptly, with compassion and understanding.

The problem for HMRC is that they have many stakeholders, including the government of the day, whose collective objectives for them may be contradictory.

Perhaps, something along the following lines would suffice:

Our mission is to ensure that people meet their tax obligations and receive their welfare entitlements, at the lowest possible administrative cost, consistent with providing a high quality service appropriate to the individual needs of all those we serve.

The rather longer draft issued for consultation, and which has appeared in the press, is as set out below. It was perhaps surprising that, in a detailed mission statement, more weight was not given to customer satisfaction and confidentiality.

The idea that HMRC will ensure everyone understands tax, trade and border law is a rather frightening and depressing thought.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide a high quality and efficient service that ensures everyone understands and complies with tax, trade and border law, and understands and receives their entitlements so that we all contribute to the economic and social well-being of the United Kingdom.

We will do this through

  • understanding our customers and responding to their feedback;
  • developing our workforce;
  • effective two-way communication;
  • delivering and sustaining high levels of compliance;
  • responsible enforcement;
  • excellence in delivery of our services; and
  • at a collection and compliance cost which enhances international competitiveness.

Our values are Professionalism, integrity, diversity, and engagement.


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