New help on tax matters for disabled people.

Published on 23 November 2007

If you are someone overcoming a disability or the parent or carer of someone who is, we hope our new brief guide to some of the tax matters that might affect you will prove helpful.

So often we find that tax matters for disabled people especially those on a low income are overlooked and comprehensive information is difficult to find.

We have therefore prepared A brief guide to the world of tax for disabled people to try and bring together an outline of the information you will need to understand your tax affairs. Links are provided to more detailed explanations and sources of additional assistance.

We hope you will find this useful and welcome your comments.

LITRG will continue to take every opportunity to raise awareness of tax issues as they relate to disabled taxpayers, or those on benefits and their carers and campaign for fair treatment.


Contact: Robin Williamson (Tel: 0844 579 6700 Fax 0844 579 6701)