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Tax on pensioners - time for change

Published on 27 February 2010

The influential Public Accounts Committee have called for change in how HMRC deal with the tax affairs of pensioners. LITRG has been calling for such change for many years; might this now be the time when something is done?

In their latest report, the Public Accounts Committee calls upon government and HMRC to implement the recommendations of the National Audit Office (NAO). The NAO reported in October 2009 and picked up many of LITRG’s recommendations as we explained last year.

It does really seem now that serious attention will be paid to the problems that confront pensioners, which will be a growing issue, as pensioners increasingly form a greater proportion of the total population.

We will continue to press for these changes to become a reality.

Please use the link to see a copy of the further evidence that we provided to the PAC which demonstrates how difficult it is for a pensioner to cope with the forms of HMRC.


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