Tax debt: not like ordinary debt

Published on 14 March 2012

As some football clubs are finding out, owing money to the tax man can be a significant problem. For people on low incomes tax debt is something to avoid, but if it happens then it needs to be dealt with quickly and knowledgeably. Tax charities, led by Tax Aid, have produced a series of videos to help you do just that.

Tax Aid has been an authority on tax debt for many years. In the last year, they have been leading a project with the co-operation of TaxHelp for Older People and LITRG, to reach more low-income people in need of guidance.

Financed by the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Big Lottery Fund, a series of videos aims to help people who have been contacted by HMRC about a tax debt.

Tax debt is not like ordinary debt and anyone dealing with it needs to have an understanding of tax law and the HMRC approach. Please make as many people aware of these videos as you can.


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