LITRG launches new tax services for migrants

Published on 16 July 2013

Today, LITRG is launching a telephone helpline pilot in partnership with Migrants Resource Centre offering free guidance about tax and national insurance to low income migrants. We have also recently published a wide range of information to help low income migrants and their advisers.

As part of an HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) funded project, LITRG has been developing resources that aim to help low income migrants who come to live in the UK, either temporarily or permanently, by explaining their tax obligations and entitlements.

Telephone Helpline

From 16 July 2013 we are offering a telephone helpline in partnership with Migrants Resource Centre. This helpline will provide basic guidance on tax, national insurance, self-employment, tax credits and child benefit to low income migrants across the UK. The helpline will be run by staff from Migrants Resource Centre supported by LITRG technical officers.

The telephone helpline is a one year pilot, meaning it will run from 16 July 2013 until 15 July 2014.

The opening hours are Tues 10am – 12.30pm, Thurs 2pm – 4.30pm, Fri 10am – 12.30pm.

The telephone number is 033 33355 333.

We include anyone coming from another country to live or work in the UK as a migrant and consider anyone to be ‘low income’ if they have an annual income of less than £15,000.

Information materials for low income migrants and their advisers

We have recently published a wide range of information to help low income migrants and their advisers to understand their UK tax obligations. Tax can be complicated and anyone coming to the UK or recently arrived in the UK needs to be aware of their tax position, their tax obligations and their rights.

The LITRG material consists of a guide, factsheets and web material.

The simple tax guide for migrants gives an overview of the UK tax system and highlights key points that need to be considered by migrants. In addition the guide includes useful signposts to further information and a helpful list of important words and explanations.

The set of factsheets supports the guide, by providing greater detail on some of the most important areas of the tax system.

The guide and factsheets can be found at:

The LITRG website provides more detailed information for advisers. It covers topics such as residence and domicile, employment and self-employment, national insurance for migrants, coming to the UK temporarily and other migrant issues.

Our objective has always been to provide simple, helpful content that is easily accessible to all. The migrants section of the website breaks down issues into distinct topics, asking and answering the questions most likely to be asked by migrants and their advisers. The new material aims to answer questions clearly and also provides links to governmental bodies or other organisations where appropriate.

The website material can be found at:

We welcome feedback about the materials. Please email us at litrg [at] with any comments, questions and suggestions.


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