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Autumn Statement: Extension of free school meals will improve work incentives, say LITRG

Published on 5 December 2013

The LITRG very much welcome the announcement in the Autumn Statement that entitlement to free school meals is being extended to all children in reception and years 1 and 2. This gives effect to a long-standing LITRG recommendation.

Robin Williamson, Technical Director of LITRG, said:

“Unless support benefits such as free school meals are co-ordinated with mainstream welfare payments, such as tax credits and means-tested benefits, the interaction between the two can produce real disincentives to enter or remain in work. This has been the problem so far in that once people enter work their children are no longer entitled to free school meals. This can result in affected households being better off financially staying on benefits, even if getting a job means they become eligible for working tax credit. That is why we greatly welcome the extension of the programme announced today.”


Contact: Robin Williamson (please use form at http://www.litrg.org.uk/ContactUs)

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