HMRC call time on 0845 telephone numbers

Published on 8 December 2014

We reported in September that HMRC are replacing their 0845 Helpline telephone numbers with 03 numbers, which are widely regarded as cheaper for most callers. During the transitional phase, both sets of telephone numbers have been active but this will change next week.

0845 numbers will be withdrawn from service completely and will all be closed by 11 December 2014. After this time, you will only be able to use the new 03 helpline telephone numbers.

If you make a call to any of the old 0845 numbers after this date you will receive a message saying HMRC no longer deal with calls on this number and telling you the new number to call. The call will be terminated.

Customers can obtain helpline telephone numbers via GOV.UK here.

Callers from outside the UK can continue to use the geographic numbers, prefix +44 1 or +44 2, provided for those calls.

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