Beware sophisticated phishing scams

Published on 15 May 2017

The LITRG have recently been made aware of a new email phishing scam that appears to come from HMRC. Whatever you do, do not open the attachment!

beware sophisticated phishing scams

HMRC have released a statement warning taxpayers of a new phishing scam. If you receive an email with the subject ‘Your 2016 Tax Report’ and containing an attachment, do not open it. Please forward it to phishing [at] and then delete it.

Phishing is when someone sends a fake email or text, pretending to be from a legitimate organisation (in this case HMRC). These emails are designed to steal personal and financial details or deliver malware to your computer. For example, if you receive a text telling you that you have a pending return of £X from HM Revenue and Customs and requesting you visit a ‘secure’ link on GOV.UK – DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. It will send you to a legitimate looking webpage asking for personal details. HMRC will never ask you to do this – it is a scam.

For more information on the different kinds of online scams visit our page ‘protecting yourself online’. Here we detail the various types of phishing and what to do if you think you have fallen victim to one.


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