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HMRC publish new videos to help with tax debts and compliance checks

Published on 12 April 2021

HMRC have published a new video explaining the help they can offer if you cannot afford to pay your tax bill. They have also published other videos and guidance to help if you are going through a compliance check.

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Help if you cannot afford to pay your tax bill

You may not be able to pay your bill because your income has gone down, or the bill might be unexpected following a compliance check from HMRC.

The first thing you should do is make sure that the tax is actually due. If you are not sure whether the amount is correct, then you should ask HMRC for a detailed explanation. If you think the amount is incorrect, you may be able to appeal the debt.

Once you are sure the tax is payable you should pay the tax if you can. If you cannot pay the tax by the due date, then you should contact HMRC.

You can find HMRC’s video, explaining the help they can offer you, on HMRC’s YouTube channel.

Help if you are dealing with a compliance check by HMRC

HMRC have also made several other videos that are useful for people who are dealing with compliance checks. A compliance check is where HMRC contact you to check your tax. LITRG provided input during the development of these videos. You can watch HMRC’s other videos on the HMRC YouTube channel.

HMRC have also made improvements to their guidance on the compliance check process. The new guidance explains the compliance check process and explains the help you can get during and after the check. You can find the new help and support page on GOV.UK.

If HMRC have contacted you about checking your tax affairs, you might also find it helpful to read our guidance on enquiries, penalties, appeals, complaints and debt.

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First published: 12/04/21


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