Loan Charge Decision Day
Published on 28 January 2020

Guidance and draft legislation on the loan charge, following Amyas Morse’s independent review and the government response, have now been published. The headline is that the loan charge remains in place, although some changes have been made. We await further clarification on some aspects from HMRC, but here we give you some information as to what it all means…and what it doesn’t.

Published on 27 January 2020

If you have a Self Assessment payment due to HMRC at the end of this month and you can’t afford to pay it, then you now have the option of making a payment arrangement without having to speak to anyone at HMRC.

Published on 23 January 2020

The 2018/19 tax return online filing deadline is 31st January 2020. If you have a tax return to complete, but simply don’t know where to start – help is available, even at this late stage. Here we offer some tips on finding last minute tax return help, in the hope of encouraging people to deal with their tax returns rather than leaving them to fester!

Published on 8 January 2020

LITRG is urging people to complete their 2018/19 Self Assessment tax return online before 31 January 20201 or risk a fine from HMRC.

Published on 20 December 2019

Leading pensions and tax experts are calling on the Government to act quickly to deliver its manifesto promise1 to fix an unfair tax flaw. This flaw means around 1.7 million low-income workers (mostly women) are being unfairly charged 25 per cent more for their pensions as a result of the way their employer pension scheme operates

Published on 19 December 2019

Family members who look after a relative’s children to allow them to go out to work may be able to increase their future state pension by claiming Specified Adult Childcare credit.

Working out your tax
Published on 16 December 2019

New rules (known as ‘off payroll working’ rules) are due to be introduced in April 2020, which could significantly impact any tax savings that you, and other parties in your supply chain, may have received as a result of working through your own limited company.

Published on 13 December 2019

LITRG is calling on the new Government to address the problems with the high income child benefit charge (HICBC). These are exacerbated by the fact that the threshold has remained static since it was introduced nearly seven years ago. We need to find a way to make this interaction of tax and benefits work better, says LITRG.

Published on 12 December 2019

HMRC have launched an online forum where individuals, businesses and employers can post questions on a range of tax topics for HMRC to answer. This additional way of contacting HMRC is welcome, particularly in the run up to the Self Assessment deadline where people may be grappling with their tax return. This article gives some guidance on how to use the service.

writing on paper
Published on 11 December 2019

The normal deadline for sending in paper Self Assessment tax returns for the year to 5 April 2019 (the 2018/19 tax year) was 31 October 2019. We have recently heard of several cases where HMRC have put the wrong figures into their computer system from the paper return. This article explains why you should check your tax calculation carefully.