man checking expenses to claim tax back online
Published on 25 February 2020

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) now offer an online service for claiming tax relief on the expenses you pay in carrying out your job.

book cover displaying civil partnership wording
Published on 25 February 2020

Following a successful legal challenge, it is now possible for opposite sex couples to form a civil partnership in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with the law in Scotland expected to follow shortly. The government expects up to 84,000 opposite sex couples to form civil partnerships this year as a result of the change.

Published on 21 February 2020

If you are currently receiving tax credits, you may be eligible to open a Help-to-Save account and earn a tax-free bonus of up to 50% of amounts saved. But will you still be eligible to open an account in future? If not, consider opening one and starting to save now.

Scottish income tax rates and thresholds confirmed for 2019/20
Published on 12 February 2020

The Scottish Government has proposed the rates and thresholds for Scottish income tax that will apply to the non-savings and non-dividend income of Scottish taxpayers from 6 April 2020. These are subject to approval by the Scottish Parliament, which we expect in March 2020.

Published on 6 February 2020

HMRC are seeking evidence on the implementation of new powers given to them since 2012. By ‘powers’, we mean things that HMRC are allowed to do or to ask you to do – simple examples would be them asking you to fill in a tax return or charging you a penalty.

Published on 31 January 2020

People have the right to challenge penalties given by HMRC for missing today’s Self Assessment tax return deadline, says the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG).

Published on 30 January 2020

HMRC say a glitch in their system that omitted Marriage Allowance claims from people’s Self Assessment tax calculations is fixed. Now LITRG is urging people who filed their 2018/19 tax return before 21 January using HMRC’s online system to check their calculation to ensure the Marriage Allowance claim was included in order that they do not overpay tax.

Loan Charge Decision Day
Published on 28 January 2020

Guidance and draft legislation on the loan charge, following Amyas Morse’s independent review and the government response, have now been published. The headline is that the loan charge remains in place, although some changes have been made. We await further clarification on some aspects from HMRC, but here we give you some information as to what it all means…and what it doesn’t.

Published on 27 January 2020

If you have a Self Assessment payment due to HMRC at the end of this month and you can’t afford to pay it, then you now have the option of making a payment arrangement without having to speak to anyone at HMRC.

Published on 23 January 2020

The 2018/19 tax return online filing deadline is 31st January 2020. If you have a tax return to complete, but simply don’t know where to start – help is available, even at this late stage. Here we offer some tips on finding last minute tax return help, in the hope of encouraging people to deal with their tax returns rather than leaving them to fester!

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