Published on 30 March 2005

Robin Williamson -Technical Director of the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group offers a LITRG view of the Budget 2005.

Published on 23 March 2005

Tax becomes payable on an income of around £91 per week if you are under 65 years of age.

Published on 16 March 2005

We were glad to see the Chancellor make some improvements to help most people whom we try to support.

Published on 9 March 2005

A death is one of those occasions where the bereaved need the greatest help possible from everyone around them and government departments can play their part.

Published on 8 March 2005

A number of foster carers have reported that if they claim working tax credit (WTC) by calling the tax credits helpline, they are told that they are not entitled becau

Published on 22 February 2005

Going overseas for a significant period of time or permanently, requires an individual to disentangle as simply as possible from the Inland Revenue.

Published on 21 February 2005

The concept of your generous tax credits system is to lift people out of poverty.

Published on 14 February 2005

It is six years since LITRG first made a range of suggestions as to how the Inland Revenue could improve its complaints handling.

Published on 3 February 2005

The nascent HMRC, the merger between the Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise, is in the midst of a major consultation exercise on its future Mission.

Published on 24 January 2005

UK taxpayers who are also tax credit claimants can claim gift aid relief and may thereby increase their tax credit entitlement.


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