Bereavement and the tax system

Published on 25 November 2009

A report launched today at the House of Lords by LITRG, supported by research and data from the advice charity TaxHelp for Older People (TOP), suggests how bereavement could be better handled by government departments.

Bereavement: further information
What taxes need to be dealt with when someone dies?

What happens to pension policies and life assurance policies the deceased held at death?

How does the personal representative deal with the income tax and capital gains tax affairs of the deceased?

What about income I received from the estate of a deceased person?

How does the personal representative deal with income and capital gains arising after the deceased’s death?

What reliefs and exemptions are there from inheritance tax?

Death of a spouse or civil partner

What is the effect of death on state benefits and credits?

What happens to property owned jointly by the deceased and someone else?

Getting help with bereavement and inheritance tax

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