HMRC and the Taxpayer: Modernising Powers, Deterrents and Safeguards - LITRG response

Published on 4 July 2005

The new department of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs owes a special responsibility to those who rely wholly or mainly upon the department for advice and explanations about their obligations and entitlements under the tax and tax credits systems. Taxpayers and tax credit claimants on low incomes have a right to expect full, clear and up-to-date explanations from HMRC about what they must do to comply with the tax and tax credit system, and their rights under it.

This is the substance of LITRG's response to the consultation, launched earlier this year, about the nature of the powers and safeguards that should underpin the new merged Revenue department.

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HMRC and the Taxpayer: Modernising Powers, Deterrents and Safeguards- LITRG response