Tribunal rules consultation - LITRG response

Published on 8 November 2008

As the tax appeals system is changing from April 2009, new rules and procedures are being devised. LITRG feel there is some way to go in terms of arriving at a structure which adequately caters for unrepresented, low-income appellants.

We feel the Tax Chamber Rules comprising:

- as drafted are insufficiently geared to the needs of low-income unrepresented appellants. Our response aims to identify those needs. Please use the link below to see our submission.


Contact Name: Robin Williamson (Tel: 0844 579 6700, Fax: 0844 579 6701)

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PDF icon Tribunal rules (preliminary comments) – LITRG response

Tribunal rules – LITRG response

PDF icon Tribunals reform – HMRC Customer factsheet