Compliance checks - Inheritance tax - LITRG response

Published on 26 March 2009

HMRC are proposing to bring Inheritance Tax record-keeping requirements and time limits for claims and assessments into line with other taxes. LITRG has expressed reservations about this strategy, given that gathering information for Inheritance Tax returns is a difficult task often performed by friends or relatives of the deceased without help.

To see the LITRG response to the HMRC proposals please use the link below.

Contact Name: Kelly Sizer (Tel: 0844 579 6700 , Fax: 0844 579 6701)

To open the file click below:
PDF icon 090209-LITRG-response-compliance-checks-FINAL.pdfCompliance checks – LITRG response

PDF icon Compliance checks (draft legislation) – LITRG response


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