LITRG response to PAYE Technical Paper

Published on 19 May 2011

HMRC plan to collect more and larger tax debts by getting employers to take them straight out of employees’ wages. LITRG is concerned that this could put low-income taxpayers into financial difficulty.

In summary, our response to HMRC’s technical paper:

  • recommends HMRC urgently review how coding can be prevented from going wrong, what happens when it does and how it fits with self assessment
  • seeks confirmation that HMRC guidance will protect taxpayers by allowing time to clarify or dispute the tax bill or make alternative payment arrangements
  • recommends that HMRC help taxpayers to get advice if they are in debt, particularly if there are impacts on entitlement to means-tested benefits.

Our full response can be read using the link below.
PDF icon Collecting debts through PAYE – LITRG response


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