Statutory definition of tax residence - LITRG response

Published on 9 September 2011

Migrants to and from the UK are a mixture of people with varying personal circumstances. But we believe that by far the greatest in number are migrant workers (and students) on low incomes – unrepresented taxpayers who cannot afford professional fees and for whom sources of tax advice are almost non-existent. For too long, tax rules have been created to deal with the issues facing highly-paid or wealthy citizens with little regard for the practical impact upon those with little resources.

Although we would have preferred to see more fundamental reforms, the principle of a statutory residence test is welcome. But the current draft includes some unclear concepts – such as how to define a person’s ‘home’ and we think that refinements are needed in order to make it ‘feel simple’ to the ordinary taxpayer, particularly migrant workers with limited English skills.

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Statutory definition of tax residence - LITRG response


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