DWP specialist employment programmes - LITRG response

Published on 17 October 2011

The Access to Work scheme is extremely valuable for those people who use it. We are therefore encouraged to see proposals that will lead to an increase in the number of people who will benefit from the scheme and the acknowledgement of self-employment as a viable work option for people with disabilities.

Our response focuses on the concerns we have about the tax issues that flow from the Access to Work scheme, particularly for those who are self-employed. A lack of information about tax issues, coupled with a poor understanding of the tax related obligations on employers, can have a serious impact on the lives and health of the disabled individuals involved. This has the potential to erode the many positives that come from the scheme. Our response explores these concerns in more detail and suggests ways that the situation can be improved through better information, better staff training and joint working between DWP and HMRC.

Please use the link to see the LITRG response.


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