Modernising the personal tax system: Tax transparency for individuals – the LITRG response

Published on 24 February 2012

LITRG has welcomed a recent HMRC consultation on modernising personal tax and the ideas it contains for creating a more transparent system. It is good to look forward and consider how technology can enhance individuals’ understanding of their taxes, so long as due consideration is given to those without access to technology who might be left behind.

HMRC’s consultation Modernising the administration of the personal tax system: Tax transparency for individuals set out ideas which build on technological developments of recent years.

The future

The ideas put forward in the consultation include:

  • A tax calculator, planned to be available online from April 2012
  • An online tax account for all individuals
  • Pre-filling of information on tax returns
  • A regular ‘tax statement’ for individuals.

The link takes you to the full PDF icon LITRG response.


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