LITRG response to DWP consultation on Right to Control pilots

Published on 21 September 2012

Although LITRG is not a disability organisation itself, how the tax system affects people with disabilities is an important part of our work. It is for that reason that we have responded to the latest consultation from DWP about extending the length of the Right to Control pilots by a further 12 months. Right to Control involves giving people an option to have various funding streams (such as access to work, disabled facilities grants) paid to them in the form of an individual budget which they can then choose to spend according to their needs. This response highlights our support for any policy which seeks to personalise care needs, whilst stressing our concerns about the complex tax and employment law issues that can often occur as a result of using individual budgets to employ care workers or personal assistants. We urge that these issues should be given further consideration if the pilots are to be extended by 12 months as proposed in the draft regulations.

You can download the full response here.


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