The future of the Independent Living Fund: LITRG response

Published on 10 October 2012

LITRG has expressed a number of concerns in response to the Department for Work and Pensions' consultation on 'The future of the Independent Living Fund'.

The group's main concerns are:

  • that the proposed closure of the ILF in 2015 does not allow sufficient time for a smooth transition and that this short timeframe will inevitably result in a painful transitional process for some ILF recipients
  • that ILF recipients who are elderly, have high support needs and with no previous interaction with their LAs will suffer disruption and distress to a degree that far outweighs the efficiency savings which may result from a complete closure of the ILF
  • that no full Impact and Equality Impact Assessment has yet been carried out
  • that it is uncertain the LAs will be able to cope with the additional workload from ILF transferees by 2015 without additional government funding and as a consequence that people will not get the support they need in understanding and meeting their obligations – for example, the tax and other legal aspects of employing personal assistants.


LITRG recommends that consideration be given to maintaining the ILF for all Group 1 users and that a longer timescale is adopted to achieve a thorough, well-planned and well-communicated transition. It stresses that LAs will need funding to ensure that additional resources are available to evaluate and support those transferring from the ILF, without causing delays and financial damage to others being assessed for personal budgets and direct payments.

The full text of the LITRG's response to the DWP's consultation document can be read here.


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