HM Treasury call for Budget representations

Published on 5 March 2013

While the LITRG welcomes the chance to contribute to tax policy development, we stress the need for thorough consultation periods to prevent the implementation of poorly-considered legislation. Nevertheless, we have taken the opportunity of HM Treasury’s last-minute call for representations for the 2013 Budget to raise a matter which has concerned us for some years as having been overlooked and in desperate need of review – that is, the freezing of the income limit for 'rent-a-room' relief.

The rent-a-room relief limit (which allows a person to let out a room in their own home and receive income, tax-free, up to a certain level) has now been fixed for some 15 years at £4,250 per annum. LITRG has made representations for some years that this amount is well overdue for review.

Follow the link below to read LITRG's response.

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