2006 submissions

Published on 22 June 2006

LITRG has highlighted concerns in our response to government that the proposals to move to greater online filing of tax returns and separate, earlier, filing dates for

Published on 30 March 2006

This is a second consultation document published on 30 March 2006 and follows our previous release of 14 June 2005, which was issued in the first round of this consult

Published on 24 March 2006

This further submission to the Select Committee’s inquiry into reform of incapacity benefits and Pathways to Work welcomes the overall intention of the welfare r

Published on 16 March 2006

The Low Incomes Tax reform group welcomes an opportunity of contributing to the debate into local government funding and we have now made two representations to the In

Published on 31 January 2006

LITRG submitted Supplementary Evidence on the possible options for reforms of childcare element in Working Tax Credit in January 2006

Published on 26 January 2006

The influential Treasury Sub-Committee of the House of Commons has started an inquiry into the way in which HM Revenue and Customs has administered the tax credits sys

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