2019 submissions

Retirement Outcome review
Published on 11 December 2019

We support the aim of this consultation in trying to achieve greater consistency in, and simplification of, individuals’ pension benefits statements but highlight that

Published on 17 October 2019

LITRG has submitted comments in response to a call for evidence issued by the Social Security Committee of the Scottish Parliament, which is examining the take-up of b

newborn baby lying inside the infant incubator in hospital
Published on 15 October 2019

While the LITRG agree that providing additional support for parents by way of statutory neonatal leave and pay is positive, it has not been made clear in this consulta

flexible working for low-paid workers, shift workers
Published on 11 October 2019

The LITRG has responded to this consultation with some points for BEIS to consider, in terms of how the payment of compensation for cancelled shifts will work for nati

going back to work after an illness or disability
Published on 9 October 2019

We focus our comments on how Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) should be reformed to better support people with disabilities and long-term health conditions.

child and man dressed the same
Published on 7 October 2019

The LITRG has responded to this consultation with some thoughts on a number of tax, National Insurance and related welfare benefits issues that we believe need to be a

Published on 2 October 2019

We believe that low-paid and vulnerable employees should be protected through effective state enforcement, but at this time we recommend that the Gangmasters Licensing

Published on 27 September 2019

The LITRG has responded to the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) proposed guidance for firms on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers and points out the guidanc

Published on 9 September 2019

LITRG's main concern regarding the off-payroll legislation was that business-to-consumer arrangements should be placed outside of the scope of the new rules.

Published on 4 September 2019

LITRG has responded to the government’s publication of the draft legislation for changes to capital gains tax (CGT) private residence relief (PRR) from April 2020, inc

Published on 30 July 2019

LITRG highlighted the risks and complexity facing Scottish claimants of welfare benefits, with a particular focus on universal credit.

retirement plan
Published on 2 July 2019

The Money and Pensions Service (aka the single financial guidance body) is bringing together the Money Advice Service, Pension Wise and The Pensions Advisory Service.

Published on 10 June 2019

This is the first time we have responded to one of their annual consultations, but this year, we thought there were some areas of questioning that we could usefully co

The letters T, A and X sitting on top of a pile of coins.
Published on 6 June 2019

CIOT and LITRG have submitted a joint response to the consultation.

Carer and elderly man
Published on 29 May 2019

In the consultation document it is confirmed that planned extension of the off-payroll working rules to the private sector from April 2020 will not apply to small

Bereavement Support
Published on 29 May 2019

LITRG highlight the problem that some claimants seem to think that the Bereavement Support Payment (BSP) is reckonable as income for tax credits.

Capital Gains Tax - Private Residence Relief
Published on 24 May 2019

LITRG has raised concerns to the government over the impact of its proposals to restrict private residence relief for capital gains tax from April 2020.

Retirement Outcome review
Published on 27 March 2019

LITRG has responded to the FCA’s Review pointing out that it is essential for people to be provided with clear guidance, in a consistent format and at the right time.

Published on 28 February 2019

The current 6 year delay in the roll out of universal credit (UC), along with numerous system changes and poor communication, has made the situation for claimants and

Salaried workers and salary sacrifice schemes: changing the National Minimum Wage rules
Published on 27 February 2019

Our response largely focuses on the part of the consultation looking at salary sacrifice, given the interactions that exist with a worker’s income tax and National Ins

Review on the taxation of trusts
Published on 26 February 2019

The LITRG are aware that many ordinary people are the beneficiaries of trusts over their lifetime and recommend that the taxation of both trusts and estates in adminis

Working out your tax
Published on 4 February 2019

Our submission highlights that low-income taxpayers need to make amendments to tax returns for various reasons, but at the root of almost all cases is a failure to und

Published on 30 January 2019

The LITRG supports the Government in taking forward its 2017 manifesto commitment to implement a breathing space scheme and statutory debt repayment plan.

Published on 22 January 2019

The LITRG believes the development of a pensions dashboard is essential given the likely increase in people having fragmented pension savings, particularly for those o

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