Published on 25 September 2010

In late July, HMRC published a ‘discussion document’ inviting views on suggested future reform of the PAYE system, with the aim of reshaping it to fit toda

Published on 23 September 2010

In the summer, HMRC issued a technical discussion document setting out a proposed scale of fixed costs they intend to claim where they successfully pursue debts via th

Published on 21 September 2010

At the time of the June Budget, the Treasury and HMRC jointly published a consultation document inviting views on the processes behind devising future tax policy.LITRG

Published on 1 July 2010

Across government pressure mounts to save costs. And as part of a review of frontline services, HMRC now propose to shorten helpline opening hours.

Published on 16 June 2010

Disabled people who take up the option of an individual budget which they then choose to spend according to their needs can get caught up in the tax system, for exampl

Published on 10 June 2010

HMRC have been cutting back on their face to face service for several years now with the result that we are left with ever fewer Enquiry Centres.

Published on 13 May 2010

Allowing travel expenses against income is a difficult area generally, but particularly for the low-paid due to the interactions of tax, National Insurance, National M

Published on 29 March 2010

Whilst acknowledging that overseas tax matters can be complicated, a recent HMRC consultation suggested that anyone getting them wrong should be penalised as if they h

Published on 10 March 2010

As HMRC propose new powers to tackle perceived ‘deliberate wrongdoing’ by tax agents, LITRG again asks them to give more thought to the wider issues of wor

Published on 4 March 2010

A recent DWP consultation on housing benefit reform discusses how claimants can be supported as they move off benefit and into work.


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