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Published on 24 July 2019

LITRG welcomes the Government’s focus on those who need extra help in a series of measures announced yesterday to strengthen public trust in HMRC.

self-employed woman working at her desk
Published on 23 July 2019

The second Self Assessment payment on account for 2018/19 is due by 31 July 2019. But what should you do if you think you are due to make a payment but you don’t receive a statement of account from HMRC advising you what to pay this year?

Published on 22 July 2019

We regularly receive queries via our website. We do not give advice, but we try to signpost sources of further information and support. Some of the replies might be useful to others, so occasionally we will post them anonymously as ‘question and answer’ news items. We have received a question recently on whether there is anything that can be done about call connection service charges.

Published on 17 July 2019

Now that the loan charge has come into effect, it is time to look at some of the practical considerations around reporting and paying the loan charge. If you are on a low income, there are a number of steps you still need to go through between now and the 31st January 2020, even if you don’t think you will be able to afford to pay what you owe. We explain the steps in this article.

retirement planning and pension pitfalls
Published on 11 July 2019

Think of taking money out of your pension? Watch out for possible traps, including unexpected tax charges and limiting future pension contributions.

Published on 10 July 2019

School summer holidays bring the perennial headache for parents to find childcare cover. The good news is that they can get help with childcare costs. But LITRG says it is crucial that parents understand which of several government supported schemes is best for them because the consequences of getting it wrong can be costly.

Published on 10 July 2019

Since posting our recent news article looking at the Johnson case and the two payments in one assessment period problem, we have been inundated with emails from people who are affected by this issue. Here, we provide an update on where things are following the Johnson case and provide some pointers on what people should do next.

Published on 5 July 2019

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) is calling on the new Money and Pensions Service (MAPS) to urgently consider setting up a free pension freedoms advisory service to help those on low incomes.

retirement plan
Published on 2 July 2019

The Money and Pensions Service (aka the single financial guidance body) is bringing together the Money Advice Service, Pension Wise and The Pensions Advisory Service.

Checking your P800
Published on 28 June 2019

Over the next few months, millions of people who pay tax through PAYE will receive P800 calculations from HMRC telling them they have either underpaid, or overpaid, tax. Any calculations should be treated with caution – it is by no means certain that they will be correct or should be agreed.