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Published on 30 January 2019

The LITRG supports the Government in taking forward its 2017 manifesto commitment to implement a breathing space scheme and statutory debt repayment plan.

Published on 24 January 2019

There are only 8 days until the Self Assessment tax return deadline, so the last thing you need is to fall victim to online fraudsters claiming to be from HMRC. If you receive an email or text offering a tax refund from HMRC, DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH IT. It is a scam! Watch our video on how to identify such a message and what to do next.

Published on 22 January 2019

The LITRG believes the development of a pensions dashboard is essential given the likely increase in people having fragmented pension savings, particularly for those o

Published on 15 January 2019

We regularly receive queries via our website. We do not give advice, but we try to signpost to sources of further information and support. Some of the replies might be useful to others, so occasionally we will post them anonymously as ‘question and answer’ news items.

Published on 14 January 2019

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group is reminding people that the online tax return filing deadline of 31 January 2019 is approaching fast. The advice is because HMRC found that almost half of 2016/17 tax returns were filed in the month of January.1

Published on 10 January 2019

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) welcomes a government review of the effects of changes to the offshore time limit rules, to be completed by March 2019. The review also requires a comparison with other time limits, including the loan charge, but will not necessarily lead to any changes to the law relating to the loan charge and its application from 5 April 2019.

Published on 8 January 2019

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) is urging low-paid workers affected by the 2019 Loan Charge to consider contacting HMRC to settle, after statistics from the tax authority suggests a worrying lack of engagement and understanding of the Loan Charge among workers.

Published on 7 January 2019

2018 has proved to be another successful year for the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group, with 4.8 million visitors through our four websites (and universal credit tool) and a record number of LITRG references in Parliamentary reports. Here we look back on the top seven news stories of the past year.

Published on 28 December 2018

If you want to submit your tax return online, did you know that in addition to being registered for Self Assessment, you may need to set up an online Self Assessment account with HMRC as a separate step? Here we explain the process.

Published on 20 December 2018

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) is urging low-paid workers affected by the 2019 loan charge to consider contacting HMRC about the option to settle – before they lose the chance.