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This page provides links to tax, tax credits, benefits and financial calculators provided by other websites. We take an active interest in calculators as tools to save people time and to help them to be self-sufficient.

It is important that calculators give the right answers. This is not always easy to do as the subjects are sometimes very complex and designers of calculators leave out difficult things on occasion.

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⚠️ We have not reviewed the calculators on this page in detail so we cannot guarantee complete accuracy, nor do we necessarily endorse any other information or advice contained on these sites. It is always best to check any results with a professional adviser (such as a welfare rights professional for benefits and tax credits) or with the relevant government department.

Income tax and pay

Pay reckoner

This calculator works out how much you are paid hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/annually.

Payslip checker

This calculator checks that the right amount of income tax and National Insurance is being deducted from your wages/salary/pension for the code number that is shown on your payslip.

Take home pay checker

Money Saving Expert have a tool to help you work out your take home pay. HMRC have a similar calculator.

Salary checker

This is a survey tool which checks your pay against the pay of others doing the same job.

Minimum wage calculator

This calculator checks whether you are being paid the National Minimum Wage for your occupation. There is also an HMRC version available.

Company car and fuel benefit calculator

This is an HMRC calculator that works out the tax benefits that arise from the provision of a company car and fuel.

Tax checker

This is an HMRC calculator to help you decide if you have overpaid tax during a previous tax year.

Other employment issues

Check employment status for tax

Check your employment status for tax purposes, for a specific engagement, using HMRC’s tool.

Auto-enrolment calculator

The Money Advice Service provide a free workplace pension contribution calculator which you can use to help work out roughly how much you will have to contribute from your earnings.

Holiday entitlement calculator

There is a tool on GOV.UK to help employers calculate their worker’s holiday entitlement (which employees may also find useful).

Holiday pay calculator

A calculator provided by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation designed to help recruiters work out temporary workers’ holiday pay (which workers may also find useful).

Statutory redundancy pay calculator

This calculator gives you the value of the statutory redundancy pay you are entitled to, if you are facing redundancy or have been made redundant.

Other statutory pay calculators

There is a calculator on GOV.UK website to help you calculate the amount of SSP due.

GOV.UK provides also calculators to help calculate the amount of SMP, SAP and SPP.

(Both aimed at employers, but employees may find them useful also)

Calculate your leave and pay when you have a child

Find out if you can get maternity, paternity or shared parental leave – for employees


Value added tax

VAT calculator

This calculator helps you to check that the right amount of VAT is being charged on goods and services.

Self employed

Self-employed ready reckoner

Budget for your first Self Assessment tax bill using this HMRC calculator, if you are self-employed

Child benefit/High Income Child Benefit Charge

Child benefit/HICBC calculator

Use this HMRC tool to get an estimate of: how much Child Benefit you receive in a tax year and/or the High Income Child Benefit tax charge you or your partner may have to pay

Tax credits

Tax credits calculator

An HMRC calculator that shows you the amount you might expect to receive if you made a tax credit claim. Unusually it does not show you the amount for the whole of a tax year, but only from when you put in the information until the end of the tax year. It cannot calculate rates for future years.

Childcare costs calculator

An HMRC calculator that tells you how much you can get towards approved childcare.

Two of the calculators in the next section also contain tax credits calculations.

Other benefits

State pension age calculator

This calculator tells you when you can expect to receive your state pension. You can also use it to check your pension credit qualifying age and when you will be eligible for free bus pass travel.

Benefits checker

This calculator from Entitledto covers the main benefits to which people on low incomes may be entitled.


This calculator helps you to find out which welfare benefits you may be entitled to.

General financial


A calculator to help you plan for your retirement.

Money Advice Service

The Money Advice Service provides a number of useful planners and calculators which cover a variety of topics including budget planning.

Other HMRC calculators and tools

HMRC provide a number of calculators and tools to assist people with working out their tax (we have included some in the sections above). Many of these can be found by going to HMRC’s calculator page on GOV.UK.

If you have missed a deadline for Self Assessment, for example, for sending in your tax return or paying your tax, HMRC charge you penalties and interest. There is an HMRC calculator on GOV.UK, which can estimate your penalty for the current tax year.

Tax guides

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