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Tax help for students

Updated on 4 November 2020


For the most part, the UK tax system affects students in the same way as other individuals. If you are a student, or a student adviser, looking for information and help about tax and related matters you will find much of it on this website.

We also have a dedicated student tax website, which covers matters relating to volunteering and training, student loans and other related issues.

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Tax Guide for Students is a non-profit website that was set up by us to provide tax information to students and their advisers. The website was created with the support of HM Revenue & Customs and endorsed by leading student, tax and accounting organisations.

You can find information about the following subjects on either the Tax Guide for Students website or the LITRG website as detailed below:

Tax essentials for students

You can find essential information about tax for students and how to make sure you get your tax right in the tax basics section of the LITRG website.

The tax essentials section on the Tax Guide for Students website sets out information about council tax for students.


If you want to understand how your earnings from work, whether employment or self-employment, will be taxed, you will find this information on the LITRG website. The LITRG website also explains how National Insurance works if you are in employment or self-employment.

Volunteering and training

This section of the Tax Guide for Students website explains how interns are treated for tax and the tax rules for volunteers or students who are on a training contract or apprenticeship scheme and informs you of the tax issues arising whether or not you have not been paid for the work you have done.

Tax credits and benefits

This section of the Tax Guide for Students (TGFS) website gives an overview of tax credits issues for students, in particular when you may be able to claim tax credits while studying, working part-time or in an apprenticeship. You can find more information about tax credits in general and state benefits including universal credit, if you are on a low income and/or responsible for any children on the LITRG website.

Tax refunds for students

There is information on how to work out if you have paid too much tax and how to claim that tax back in the tax basics section of the LITRG website.

Types of student

This section on the TGFS website, contains guidance specifically for international students, apprentices, part-time students, mature students and disabled students.

Going abroad

If you are a student who is thinking of going abroad to study or work this section on the TGFS website is for you. It covers the key tax and National Insurance points that need to be considered.

Other income

As a student you may have other income such as income from family members, scholarships and awards, or income from savings. This section explains if you should be paying tax on these other types of income.

Student loans

The main way of repaying student loans taken out since 1998 is via the tax system. This section on the TGFS website explains more about repaying student loans whether you are employed, self-employed or complete an annual tax return.

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