Other Tax Issues

Updated on 17 July 2016

As well as your pay, pensions and self-employment, you may receive other types of income or make a profit from selling possessions. This section directs you towards sources of help.

Where on this website can I find further help?

You will find the section on ’Other Tax Issues’ gives you a lot of information on other types of income that you may receive as well as providing a general introduction to capital gains tax. Later in this section you will find more detailed information on capital gains tax issues that may apply if you are not resident in the UK or if you sell your family home.

Where can I get further information?

If you want more information on any of the following areas that are not specific to the armed forces, you can find it elsewhere on this website:

For information that is specific to the armed forces, you will find links on our Introductory page.

Throughout this site we can only offer general guidance on tax topics and you should always obtain specific advice before taking any action. You can find out where to get specialist help in our 'getting help section'.

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