Disabled after being in the armed forces

Updated on 18 May 2019

Armed forces

This section examines the tax issues associated with any payments or services provided to you as a result of disablement. You and your family can read about some of the help available on the pages of Veterans UK. If you employ a carer, you may find the information in our Disability Tax Guide useful to help you understand more about being an employer.

What information is in this section?

This section examines the cash payments that may be available to you and whether they are liable to tax or not. The following pages should give you assurance about your tax situation:

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Where can I get more information?

Our tax guide for disabled people and carers gives more general information about tax and related benefits for disabled people and their carers.

In particular, we provide information on the following areas:

  • Help for employees – we explain some of the tax related rules to support and encourage disabled people with work.
  • Help for employers – we cover things that it may be useful for someone employing a disabled person to understand.
  • Independent living – here we look at some considerations for those ‘employing’ a personal assistant with funds provided by way of direct payments.
  • Caring for someone – here we explain some of the different levels of state support if you are caring for someone. In this section, we also help foster carers and shared lives carers who may provide care to disabled people on a formal basis, understand how tax and NIC works for them.
  • Trusts for disabled people – guidance is given on these special trusts and who can take advantage of them. We also give an update on some anticipated changes.
  • VAT reliefs for disabled and older people – we look at ways that the costs of services and goods, such as mobility aids, can sometimes be lower for disabled people.
  • Apprenticeships – the number of disabled people in apprenticeships is rising fast – here we look at apprenticeships in more detail.

We also look at the rules and concessions around Council Tax for disabled people and carers in our other tax issues section.

You will find more information on state benefits in the tax credits and benefits section.

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