Associated payments to family

Updated on 18 May 2019

Armed forces

This section provides information on payments that may be made to your family members if you are disabled as a result of service in the armed forces.

What benefits might I be paid if my partner is disabled after serving in the armed forces?

The main benefit you might be paid is carer’s allowance. This benefit is taxable and can affect other benefits you might receive. You can read more about it on GOV.UK.

Other benefits are likely to be paid to the disabled person rather than to you and you can read more about these in our page on Payments, benefits and services provided as a result of disablement.

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What payments can I expect if my partner dies?

We suggest you read our pages in the section on inheritance tax as well as the page on Pensions paid to dependants and widows or widowers.

You may also qualify for certain payments under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme such as Survivors’ Guaranteed Income Payment, Child Payments and Bereavement Grant. Bereavement grant is tax-free

You may be entitled to bereavement support payment if your husband, wife or civil partner died on or after 6 April 2017. You may be entitled to bereavement allowance or bereavement payment or widowed parent’s allowance if your husband, wife or civil partner died before 6 April 2017.

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Where can I find more information?

The British Legion provides help and information to families of serving armed forces personnel as well as those who have left the services.

Moneyforce may be able to help you with any financial issues you have.

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