Do I have to join a pension scheme?

Updated on 30 December 2020


All employers now have to have an ‘auto-enrolment’ pension scheme. This means that they have to automatically enrol eligible workers into a qualifying pension scheme, if they are not already in one.

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Where can I find out about UK pensions generally?

Our tax basics section has information on paying into a pension.

Where can I find out about automatic enrolment for employees?

As long as you are eligible, your UK employer has to enrol you into their pension scheme in the same way as any other worker.

Read our guidance on auto-enrolment on our page pensions and employees.

What happens to my private or workplace pension if I leave the UK?

We suggest that you look at guidance from The Pensions Advisory Service about what happens to UK pensions if you leave the UK.

You could also try contacting your pension scheme administrator for guidance.

Where can I find out about National Insurance and the UK state pension?

We explain on our page on National Insurance and the UK state pension various issues that migrants might come across in relation to the UK state pension.

If you think you are eligible for a state pension from another country (not the UK), you should contact the pension authority in the relevant country.

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