Glossary of Forms

Updated on 12 April 2023


This glossary includes some forms that are no longer in use, but commonly referred to.

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Form to register as self-employed.


Simple assessment demanding payment when no Self Assessment tax return needs to be filed.


Notice of Pay As You Earn Coding issued to employees.


Form showing benefits/expenses paid to employees during the tax year just finished (unless already deducted through their payslips during the tax year).


Form given to employees when they leave employment. They will be given parts 1A, 2 and 3. They need to keep part 1A and pass parts 2 and 3 to their next employer. The form shows total pay and tax deductions up to the date of leaving that employment.


Form no longer in use. Replaced by request for personal information (called the starter checklist) when start work with a new employer.


Form to claim back tax for current year when you have stopped working.


Form issued by employer when you are in their employment at the end of the tax year (5 April). It shows total earnings for that year as well as tax deducted and student loan repayments made only from your earnings with the last employer in the tax year.


Form to be completed when you are leaving the UK for at least a full tax year and not completing a Self Assessment tax return for your year of departure.


Form used to claim work expenses that are not reimbursed by your employer.


HMRC’s tax calculation of your liability for the year if you are not in Self Assessment.


Form used to claim tax repayment from saving and investment income (provided not in Self Assessment).


Form used to claim personal allowance and tax refunds if you are not resident in the UK and not in Self Assessment.


Form used to register for Self Assessment if you are not self-employed.


Self Assessment tax return.


Short tax return (only possible to be used if filing a paper tax return). Cannot be downloaded.


Form used to reduce payments on account under Self Assessment.


Form used to appeal against penalties charged under Self Assessment.

Self Assessment payslip

To accompany payments to HMRC.

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