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How are interns treated for tax?

Updated on 15 April 2020


⚠️ This page is under construction

There are very many different kinds of internship available. You will need to look at the agreement you have with the provider of the internship to see what your status is. You may be employed or be a volunteer, undertaking unpaid work.

In this part of the website we treat interns who are providing services on a voluntary basis separately from those who are being paid. You may find the following pages on this website helpful:

I am an intern – am I entitled to the National Minimum Wage? [COMING SOON]

How are expenses paid to interns taxed? [COMING SOON]

I am a volunteer – are there any tax rules I need to be aware of? [COMING SOON]

I am on a training contract – do I have to pay tax on sponsorship and other expense payments I receive? [COMING SOON]

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