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Useful tools

Updated on 21 May 2020

This page provides links to calculators and forms intended to help you manage your tax affairs.

Illustration of a calculator, tax form and calendar


On this page we provide links to calculators developed by various organisations and covering various subjects such as how to work out your take-home pay, tax credit eligibility and statutory redundancy.


On this page you will find examples of, and help to complete, forms and annotated examples of HMRC notices: 

Claim for repayment of tax deducted from savings and investments

Pay As You Earn (PAYE) form
Starter checklist (used to be called P46)

Form P87
Claim for tax relief for expenses of employment

Understanding your payslip
An example and breakdown of a typical payslip

Late tax return penalty notice
An annotated example of a penalty notice for a late Self Assessment tax return

Coding notices for pensions
An annotated example of a P2 coding notice for an individual who receives pensions

Coding notices for employees
An annotated example of a P2 coding notice for an employee