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Updated on 19 June 2024

HMRC app

The HMRC app offers you the ability to access your tax details and manage your tax on your mobile device. This page gives you information on how to obtain and access the HMRC app, as well as details of what you are able to do using the HMRC app. The information on this page is subject to change as HMRC continually improve and expand the functions of the HMRC app.

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Content on this page:

How to get the HMRC app

You can download the HMRC app on your mobile device in the normal way, both for Android and iOS (Apple) devices. The HMRC app is free to download and free to use.

Visit the Google Play store if you have an Android device.

Visit the App store if you have an iOS (Apple) device.

Phone requirements

The app requires a minimum of Android 8 or iOS 15, so even if your phone is older you may still be able to use the app.

According to HMRC, the app doesn’t use much data – downloading the app uses the equivalent data of viewing about 15 webpages. This can be done when connected to a WIFI network to save your data allowance. When on the move using a mobile network, using the app to view your tax account typically uses 90% less data than using a web browser.

How to log into the HMRC app

The first time you use the app, you will be asked for your government gateway account to sign in. If you don’t have one, you can set one up as you go. You can read more about setting up a government gateway account on our page Online tax accounts. Our guidance also explains what to do if you don’t have your National Insurance number to hand.

Over time a new system, GOV.UK One Login, will replace all other sign in routes including the existing government gateway that many people currently use. This new system will offer people a wider range of identification options.

This new system of identity checking hasn’t been integrated into the HMRC app yet. However, if you sign up for a personal tax account on the web (and create a government gateway account as part of this), you may be offered the option to use the GOV.UK ID Check app to verify your identity. Once you have been verified and have full access to your personal tax account on the web, you should then be able to sign into the mobile app.

After the first successful sign in to the app, you should then be able to sign in quickly and securely using a six number combination, your fingerprint scan or facial identification. This means you do not have to go through the full sign in process each time you wish to use the app.


HMRC want as many people as possible to be able to use the HMRC app. You can use the built-in accessibility features on your device to:

  • invert colours and adjust contrast levels
  • increase the text size without the text truncating or overlapping
  • navigate the app using Switch Access
  • get around the app using Voice Access
  • listen to the app using TalkBack

HMRC say they have also made the text in the app as simple as possible to understand.

What you can do in the HMRC app

The HMRC app offers a quick and easy way to get information about your tax, National Insurance number and contributions (NINO and NIC), tax credits and benefits at a time that suits you. It is also possible to carry out a number of tasks using the app. Some of the services take you outside the app to complete them; others are particularly helpful as you can remain in the app to complete them.

Check your National Insurance number (NINO)

Your National Insurance number (NINO) acts as your reference for the tax system. Sometimes you have to provide your NINO for other purposes too, such as when you are trying to prove your identity. You can view your NINO in HMRC’s app. In addition, you can save it to your device, in either a digital wallet or as a PDF letter.

Check your PAYE tax code

You can check your PAYE tax code(s) by clicking on the ‘Pay As You Earn (PAYE)’ tile in the app. This allows you to check that you are paying the correct amount of tax on your employment or pension income.

Claim a P800 tax repayment

If HMRC calculate that you have paid too much tax, you can claim the repayment quickly and securely through the app. You can choose to receive the payment by BACS directly into your bank account.

Check your employment and income history for the previous five years

HMRC’s app allows you to check the employer payments, tax and NIC that your employer has reported to them in just a few clicks. The app may even be able to display the latest real time payroll information from your employer, before you get your payslip. The HMRC app makes it quick and easy for you to check that your employer is correctly reporting your pay and taxes; it can be especially helpful if you can’t access your payslips.

Help to Save

Help to Save is a savings account for people who get tax credits or universal credit. It offers a government bonus of up to 50p for every pound saved. You can access your Help to Save account from the app. HMRC have also incorporated a useful ‘tell a friend about Help to Save’ feature in the app, meaning you can spread the word about it.

Self assessment

If you are in self assessment it is possible to view and pay your self assessment bill via the app. This function works with open banking, takes a matter of minutes and doesn’t require you to remember all your reference numbers or log into your online account. You can also set a notification and add self assessment deadlines to your calendar via the app.

We understand this feature also works for simple assessment bills.

Tax and NIC calculator

There is a useful tax and NIC calculator in the app that you can use to estimate your take home pay if you are an employee. It is not currently possible to enter additional income in the calculator to stay on top of your total liabilities/obligations.

Track forms

The ‘Communication’ section of the app (look for the little envelope icon at the bottom of your screen) allows you to check the progress of forms you’ve sent to HMRC.

Connections to HMRC web services

The HMRC app also links in with your wider personal tax account on GOV.UK. It gives you quick and easy access to web services such as:

Update your details

It is important to make sure HMRC have the correct address for you. This is so that if they send you an important letter or notification by post, you receive it. It can also be important in assisting HMRC to identify if you are a Scottish or Welsh taxpayer.

You can’t rely on HMRC finding out about a change of address from something you have sent in informally or another source such as your employer; you need to update these details centrally. Go to the ‘Your details’ section of the app to access the relevant service. It is worth noting that you can ‘Change how HMRC contacts you’ (post or online) in the app itself.

View your National Insurance (NIC) record/get a state pension forecast

You pay NIC to qualify for certain benefits and your state pension. The app can direct you to HMRC’s online service that allows you to view your NIC record to find out how much you’ve paid/been credited with up to the current year. HMRC’s online service also lets you get a state pension forecast to find out:

  • when you can get your state pension (your state pension age)
  • how much you are forecast to get
  • what, if anything, you can do to increase it.
Child benefit and tax credits

You can claim child benefit quickly and easily using HMRC’s new online service which you can access via the app. Claiming digitally usually takes about 10 minutes, and for straight forward claims, payments can be made in as little as 3 days. If you previously claimed child benefit but decided to opt out of receiving payments due to the High Income Child Benefit Charge, you can restart your payments via the app itself.

You can track any tax credits or child benefit you are receiving which helps ensure that you are receiving the correct amount of support. For example, you can view proof of your entitlement to child benefit and your child benefit payment history, including the five most recent payments made.

Provide feedback on the HMRC app

HMRC have made the app more streamlined and easy to navigate, by focussing on key details and services that they know taxpayers need on a fairly regular basis and that can be easily viewed on a mobile phone.

It is not possible to carry out all tax transactions in the HMRC app, for example, you cannot submit a tax return in the app itself. There are often links to the relevant online service in the app.

If you think the app should cover something that it doesn’t, HMRC are always happy to hear any ideas or innovations that you have.

There is a way of giving feedback in the ‘Communication’ section of the app (look for the little envelope icon at the bottom of your screen). Here you can also read messages from HMRC and find ‘news’ and ‘contact’ features.

More information

You can find HMRC’s guidance on the HMRC app on GOV.UK.

If you have a problem with accessibility in relation to the HMRC app, you can report it to HMRC.

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