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Updated on 6 April 2023

Managed migration

Managed migration is where DWP/HMRC formally invite claimants from tax credits (and other legacy benefits which universal credit is placing) to make a claim for universal credit under formal migration rules.

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Although this exercise is referred to as ‘managed migration’, you should be aware that you will not be automatically transferred over to universal credit but you will be issued with a migration notice and will need to make your claim for universal credit (or have someone act for you in doing so) by the date specified in the notice. You can read more about the timescales for migration on our migration timetable page and about the process on our migration process page.

If you have reached your state pension credit qualifying age (or both you and your partner have both reached that age) you will not be invited to move across to universal credit. It is expected that the exercise for you to move from tax credits to pension credit, where appropriate, will broadly mirror the managed move to universal credit exercise although no details about this have been confirmed and no dates have been given as to when this might happen. Most mixed age couples will also be included in the move to universal credit but there are some complexities for those exception cases who would be entitled to claim pension credit. We have more information for those who have reached state pension credit age or who are part of a mixed age couple on our existing tax credit claimants page.

Some people may remain on tax credits until the tax credit system completely ends as they are not permitted to claim universal credit or pension credit. Eventually the tax credit system will no longer exist.

The main difference between moving from tax credits to universal credit under the formal migration process is that those moving under managed migration may receive transitional protection.

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