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The word "expenses" typed on a piece of white paper, with scissors cutting the letters "e" and "s" at the end of the word.
Published on 21 May 2024

When is an expense not an expense?

Carer’s allowance has featured heavily in news over the last few weeks – in particular, reports of carer’s allowance being clawed back due to breaches of the earnings limit threshold. There are several reasons why the earnings limit threshold may appear to be exceeded, but in this blog we explore on...

a file of documents next to a laptop, the documents are being transferred from the file onto the laptop
Published on 16 May 2024

Keeping business records in the digital age

As it’s a new tax year, some sole traders, partnerships or landlords may be tempted to throw away last tax year’s receipts. Business records can include documents such as bank statements, sales invoices and expense receipts. However, there is a legal requirement to keep these records to support the ...

Many red umberella's against a white background
Published on 16 May 2024

Umbrella company news and developments

Since the umbrella company consultation closed in August 2023, we have written several articles for ContractorUK on the topic, which we summarise here....

white piggy bank with the words 'CHILD TRUST FUND' written in black ink.
Published on 16 May 2024

Child Trust Funds - find them for free

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group has urged young people to use a free HMRC tool to check if they have a Child Trust Fund (CTF), following concerns that some firms could be charging hundreds of pounds to trace and help withdraw the value of the fund. ...

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