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Payroll giving

Updated on 30 December 2020


If you are an employee and you authorise your employer to make regular donations from your pay to charity, you can get tax relief on those contributions through payroll, provided that you are a taxpayer. The scheme may be called payroll giving, Give As You Earn or workplace giving.

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We include this information here because the tax relief works by taking off the amount of the donation from your employment income. This reduces your taxable income and the tax you have to pay. This is similar to the way that you get tax relief for certain pension contributions.

You can read more about payroll giving in our section on other tax issues.

Payroll giving does not affect any other donations you might want to make to charity. You can, for example, make other donations using Gift Aid if you wish. There is more information on Gift Aid on GOV.UK.

Where can I find more information?

There is also more information on payroll giving – giving to charity through your pay – on GOV.UK.

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